Professional Membership

Do you run a property styling business? 

Do you work for a property  styling business?

Are you wanting to take your career to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place to take your career to the next step!

Membership Includes

VALUE: $6,600

Monthly Live Training

Live and direct group training with Naomi each month. Recorded in case you can't make it.

VALUE: Priceless

Membership Portal

An online membership portal bursting with resources

VALUE: $3,300

Discounted Mentoring

30% Discount on Private Mentoring with Naomi for yourself and your home staging business

VALUE: $3,300
Members Only Consulting Team

Including access to recommended Insurance brokers, Legal consultants, and HR Consultants

VALUE: $unlimited

Exclusive Discounts

Build your business with exclusive invitations and discounts to business building Courses, Retreats, Planning and business round table events, and Products.

VALUE: $unlimited 

Affiliate Income

Ability to earn unlimited affiliate income via offering your clients The Six Steps to Selling System at over %67 off the RRP.

Join Naomi for a virtual LIVE class every month!

Valued at $6,600, these monthly live classes will keep you up to date with industry trends, teach you strategies to grow & scale your business, and boost your motivation to take action and keep your momentum going, no matter what’s happening throughout the year.

2024 Live Class calendar: Last Tuesday of the month. Put these dates into your diary now!



Naomi Findlay Mentoring 700x380

 Building & managing your inventory with ease

Learn how to manage your inventory without breaking your budget or running out of stock in busy times.

  • The foundational pieces you need when you first start your business
  • Adding to your inventory as your business grows
  • Managing your stock when you have multiple bookings
  • Seasonal touches that help you stand out from the crowd

PLUS Naomi will share her favourite stockists and suppliers with you! 

Creating a portfolio that sells your services for you

Your portfolio is your ultimate expert positioning tool, taking the stress and effort out of booking home staging jobs. 

  • How to create a portfolio before you book your first job
  • Must have photos to include to impress your potential clients
  • Placement, lighting and framing tips for beautiful photos

PLUS Naomi will share her favourite tools and resources for putting your portfolio together!

How to find clients & keep your staging calendar full

Naomi shares her secrets for finding client leads and filling your booking calendar, including:

  • Positioning yourself as the go to home stager in your area
  • Pitching your staging services and closing without the hard sell
  • How to get multiple and repeat bookings 

PLUS Naomi will share her simple script for introducing yourself to potential clients!

Insider secrets on running a successful home staging business

Peek behind the curtain and learn from Naomi’s personal experience:

  • What to focus on for business stability and growth 
  • Cash flow tips to keep your business running smoothly 
  • Building solid relationships with your clients, connections and team 

PLUS Ask Naomi anything about handling the ups and downs of running a home staging business!

Furniture placement for simply, stylish staging

Practical tips on what to put where for beautiful presentations, every time:

  • Planning your placement for optimum results
  • Working with space and lighting restrictions
  • Using textures and layers to bring warmth to the room
  • Bringing current design and style trends into your staging

PLUS Naomi share what she keeps in her home staging toolkit!

Building a team you love to work with (& letting them grow your business for you)

If you’re clever with your hiring and management, you team can really boost your business actions and results:

  • How to build a team you love to work with
  • What to delegate and when
  • Typical costings when building your team

PLUS Naomi will share how she handles staff changes smoothly!


Value $1100 plus GST

Every year seems like a BIG year at the moment, and we are all a little DIZZY from "pivoting" or "doubling down". We are all craving some uninterrupted time to think, refresh & refine our business and project plan.

Whether it is creating time and space to bring a project to fruition or to develop a solid business vision fo the year ahead, you are craving the space to do it.

I know you need some time out from home to just dedicate to yourself and your business.

Imagine what you could get done with a whole uninterrupted weekend or midweek break?!

No home-schooling, no laundry, no expectations, no reasons to stop or go, no restrictions… Just you, your business, your business bestie, and the time you’ve craved for so long now.

Either in the comfort of your own home, amazing hotel suite or holiday stay you can have this space (which I will help you set up with SPACE MEDICINE) you can enjoy the Refresh & Refine Virtual retreat with me.

  2024 dates TBC


Saving you $1100 plus GST

Is this you?

  • You work in a home staging business and you love your job
  • You are a dedicated worker and want to create connections and relationships with other home stagers all over Australia to expand your network and knowledge
  • Everything starts and stops with you. You do the marketing, agent education, sales, operations, logistics, invoicing, banking AND styling
  • You spend hours trying to figure out how to expand your client basis with social media
  • Without you in the business, there is no business!
Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“You can always ask any question. There are always things happening and there are always ways for you to fell supportive.”

Professional Member

Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“You have instantly a wealth of resources that in any situation you can call on and they will support you and solve your problems”

Professional Member

Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“Unlike Interior Design and other business associations, IIHS is solely focused on home staging and everything they do revolves around our home staging industry.”

Professional Member

You can have read all the latest blogs and magazines about other home stagers but that doesn’t mean that you are benefiting from the emotional and mental support they could be providing to you.

You can feel like you are connected to a thousand different people in home staging and styling because you follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and keep up with their blogs but you only have a digital connection with these people, not a human connection.

So let’s say you read everything other home stagers and stylists write online and take their advice like it’s the law…

…but an issue arises in your business

…and the people you follow on social media haven’t ever spoken about the issue before

…and because you only have a digital connection you don’t get a reply to a comment you left on their post about the issue.

What then?

You see, you can follow every home stager in the world but unless you have formed a human, mutual connection with them it can be impossible to receive the support you need.

You didn’t do anything wrong…but in the world of social media and with thousands of followers it can be difficult for an expert who can help you to reply to every comment or question you have.


Inside the Membership

Here’s a sample of what you will get each month in your membership…

  • One Monthly Teaching Topic live call and Q & A session, that is recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing it if you are busy with other commitments
  • 30% Discount on Private Mentoring sessions with me
  • A member portal bursting with resources
  • Access to our A-Team of services - Insurance, HR, contracts and more
  • Discounts on events and products*
  • Access to Six Step to Selling System at  over 67% off the RRP, and earn 50% commission on it at the same time.

Why Do Most People Stop Chasing Their Property Styling Dream?

Here are a few reasons why people stop chasing their dreams even though they are committed to their work
and get positive feedback for the properties they have staged:

  • They find it difficult to form long-lasting relationships with real estate agents.
  • They lack support from family and friends.
  • They have a rocky start to forming a home staging business.
  • They don’t feel that it is worth all the effort.
  • They don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the right insurance and financial support.
  • Their career starts taking over their whole lives.
  • They don’t know who to talk to about issues that occur in the business.
  • They feel like no one understands the industry they work in.

So how do you get around these challenges so that all of your time, effort and money makes you HAPPY and sure that your career change was the right choice?


Is there a system or “hack” that will give your efforts the support you deserve?


There is, and that’s exactly what this Membership is all about…

Since leaving the world of academia and the medical field behind and focusing instead on my true loves of design, property styling and real estate I have turned my life around.

I have established a very successful home staging company, designed and grown an online training program for other property stylist, and teach people how to renovate.

In creating these training programs I recognised that there are people out there just like you who are well and truly members of the property styling and design industry BUT lack the time  to form strong connections with other stylists and designers from all over Australia.

So I got to work coming up with a way to help other property stylists come together to provide support, knowledge, experience and empathy for home stagers in Australia and the southern hemisphere.

When I started out in the property styling industry I felt an overwhelming amount of loneliness. I loved my job and the projects I was completing but I didn’t have anyone who knew the industry like I did to talk about it with.

So, when I started teaching I remembered this and got to work developing a support network for others who may be in the same position.

I called it the Professional Membership.

Naomi Findlay Renovation & Staging 900x1500 3

Do you remember in school when you would worry about having a day off because it meant you didn’t get to play with your friends at lunch time?

Not being part of the Professional Membership is like not getting to play with your friends at lunch time…

…In the Professional Membership you can connect with other home stagers about issues that only home stagers would understand.

I’ve also already done all the hard work sourcing and creating the content and community you need to thrive as a home stager. Because I know first hand what you need to get ahead and make your life easier as a property stylist.

You don’t have to do all of this alone!

For just $49 a month you will be provided with all the knowledge you will need to know about running your up and coming or established business.

The membership is filled with:

  • an annual Virtual Retreat
  • live monthly training and ask me anything calls
  • heavily discounted private mentoring
  • our A team of business consultants
  • and loads more!


Just $49 a month

Which could be less than you would spend on coffee a month!


Is the Professional Membership Really Worth It?

Along with a monthly tool kit, business inspiration, and exclusive training and resources, the Membership also offers a plethora of other bonuses that will excel your Home Staging Business to the next level!

Exposure for your business

We are dedicated to increasing the exposure of each and every member’s business. To help you along with this, you will receive opportunities to list and showcase your work.


Get first access to any exclusive products as well as discounts of events and products to help you further educate yourself about the world of home staging.

Social Proofing & Marketing Support

You will receive Professional Member logos to use in your marketing to show your clients and agents that you are a recognised professional in the industry.

Live Support Q&A Calls

Each month Naomi hosts an exclusive live call for all members. This is a session to share ideas, challenges, and receive highly valuable answers to many of the road blocks people experience when running their own home staging businesses. Recordings available if you cant make it live.

Priority Access to Wholesale Suppliers

As a Professional Member you will receive priority access to custom design stock for your installations directly from the offshore suppliers. Setting your stock out from the crowd at amazing supplier direct discounts is essential in growing your business.

Access to the A-Team

The A-Team is one of the most important aspects of any business, and we have scoured the country to find some of the best and most bespoke suppliers around the country in Home Staging specific insurance, legal contracts, accounting, HR and stock management.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us about the Membership:

Do I have to have studied with IIHS or Naomi to join?

No! There is no requirement for anyone who joins the Membership to have any previous connection with IIHS™ or Naomi Findlay.

If you do wish to study with us, we have an array of courses for you to expand your knowledge with. To find out more click here!

Is the Membership available internationally?

Yes! Our members come from all over the world, although there are quite a lot from Australia.

Do I have to have my own business?

No! We welcome all those wanting to join. Please note: this is not a training environment or resource. This is a support and mastermind community with exceptional perks.

For business training, please check out our training courses here.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

As the membership includes an annual virtual retreat, any cancellation within 12 months of joining will be assessed dependant on attendance during the virtual retreat. You may be invoiced the remaining annual membership fee if you have attended the virtual retreat. 

Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“It is a great experience. No question is a silly question. IIHS just want to help you be the best person and the best stylist for your business.”

Professional Member

Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“You as a person and your business will benefit so much more greatly if you become a member. Being solo in business can be difficult so having a team around you can help with processes and much more.”

Professional Member

Naomi Findlay Membership Product Course 700x380 Membership AUD 100.00 (including 10% GST)

“You can take a whole lot of information from various sources but if you are wanting to take your business to the next level, it is a must”

Professional Member