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working out ideal reno budget

Working Out Your Ideal Renovation Budget

Are you worried about creating a renovation budget that’s within your means? Or, are you unsure of how much you should be spending on your renovation? Fear not! It’s so crucial to work out the budget you’ll be using to fund your renovation. However, when doing so, there are four factors you need to consider.

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how to DIY sand walls perfectly

Tradie hacks- How to DIY Sand Walls Perfectly?

We all want to have a perfect DIY sand wall. When we are doing DIY sand walls, should I use a sanding block, sandpaper, or a sanding pole? Should I use 200 Grit or 80 grit? How can I use one grit wallpaper on all surfaces? Well, Dan from Newy Paint Crew has all the information you need to sand your walls perfectly.

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how to fund renovation project

Creative Ways To Fund Your Next Renovation

More than ever, people need to explore creative ways to fund their property flipping renovation. Now I don’t mean the average home renovation; I mean when you want to renovate professionally, flip property! Watch the video below to learn my 4 Steps To A Successful Joint Renovating Venture.

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