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Floor Planning Training
Kitchen Reno Training
Bathroom Reno Training

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Home Training Package


Inside these Training Modules...

Here is a sneak peak into what is covered in this all-in-one training package:

  • How to determine which elements in your bathroom renovation are.
  • How to determine which elements in your bathroom, kitchen and floor plan are: Must-do's, Should-do's, and Could-do's.
  • How to establish what can be Refreshed, Refinished, Retiled, or Replaced, AND how to best accomplish each option.
  • How to add real value without adding unnecessary cost.
  • Best products for rejuvenating and refreshing the bathroom elements you’re not replacing.
  • How to alter your kitchen, bathroom and floor plan to best hit your target markets.
  • How to create your own floor plan for (4) different markets.

And so much more… 

Home Package